Super Bowl Grill: Pepper Jelly Chicken Satay

Masterchef Whitney Miller gives her unique take on peanut butter, jelly … and chicken. She calls it PB&J and chicken satay … and it’s perfect for your...

Comeback sauce: Mississippi made

With Comeback sauce, described by chef, restaurateur Robert St. John of Hattiesburg, Mississippi as the “offspring of the incestuous marriage between thousand island dressing...

Super Bowl Sausages a staple on Gameday

Even though there are hundreds of ways to make a sausage, following these simple steps will prepare you for every sausage that comes your way.

Own The Tailgate: Stuffed Jalapeño with Chorizo

If you like your tailgate food or appetizer spicy, look to our Stuffed Jalapeño with Chorizo and Jarlsberg cheese. This is a super-easy dish to prepare that will impress your...

Grilled: Original Buffalo Wings reign supreme

Nowadays, chicken wings, or Original Buffalo Wings, come in a multitude of flavors … almost too many to count. Wings off the grill are excellent “nekkid”...

Super Bowl Grill: Skinny on chicken fingers

Chicken fingers — They’re a classic. Kids love ‘em. They’re easy and fun to dip. Chicken fingers are a classic choice for Super Bowl and football parties. Here’s a way to...

Super Bowl Grill: Become one with the wing

The popularity of the wing has taken over the world. Find out the background of this tasty morsel.

Top 8 Super Bowl recipes on the grill

The traditional game of the year is almost upon us, and Grillax has put together a Top 8 Super Bowl recipes on the grill.

Super Bowl Grill: Boston Butt Nachos

Your guests will not be disappointed, and Boston Butt Nachos should be the first thing to go at your Super Bowl party.

Chicken Spiedies could be best game day sandwich

Chef Frank Sauer shows GrillaxNation how to prepare a New York/GameDay staple, the Chicken Spiedies sandwich — a delicious symphony of chicken, olive oil, spices and, of...

Moink Balls by Joshua Bousel

Smoked Moink Balls homerun on Gameday

It’s Gameday, and you are about to serve Moink balls to the crew. What are Moink balls, you ask? That’s easy: “Moo” + “Oink” 🙂 So, in this case, it’s a bacon-wrapped meatball. In this video, Steve shows you...

Havarti Burger with port-reduction mayo

There are some overpaid bloggers out there who feel the gourmet burger is losing it’s hold on beef lovers. Of course, there may be some over-saturation from the marketing agencies pushing these burgers. But when it comes to grilling your own...

Piña Colada Jello Shots

Piña Colada Jello Shots

Piña Colada Jello Shots are your tickets to turn traditional tasty summer cocktails, or Gameday Cocktails, into fun shots, perfect for any beach vacation.

Grilled Pineapple

50 Shades: Tropical Pineapple Tease

Grilled Pineapple Dessert is the quickest way to get people excited after a fine meal. The anticipation of something sweet and satisfying is hard to overcome. Throwing some pineapple on the grill could be just the ticket, and a simple way, to get...