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Double Bark Boston Butt is all bark in every bite

The secret to really good pork butt is the flavorful bark, and with this new recipe Double Bark Boston Butt we go wild with the bark.

Eat This: Texas-Style Smoked Brisket tender, delicious

The Texas Style Smoked Brisket has morphed with Grillmasters as this popular beef cut has embraced The Sipp.

Smoked chicken gizzards off the grill are no joke

Smoked chicken gizzards off the grill are always in my arsenal, despite only one member of my family enjoying these tasty morsels.

Java Ribs are bitter, sweet but not bittersweet

Our Java Ribs is the perfect unique flavoring for your next visit to Porklandia. A great combination of bitter and sweet from the rub to the sauce.

Texas Twinkies bring big flavor with spicy kick

Texas Twinkies start as a hollowed-out jumbo jalapeño, then stuffed with chopped brisket and cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, and glazed with barbecue sauce.

With the fall season comes Grillax Gameday.

Grillax Kids

Grillax Nation unites friends and family at the tailgates of our favorite college campuses. From seared catfish filets down around the bayous of Baton Rouge, the sweet and savory pulled pork from Chapel Hill to the honey-glazed pork ribs and chicken from The Grove in Oxford, Mississippi, Grillax Gameday has you covered.

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