Beach Shots will make you scream Cowabunga

If beaches are in your future, so are beach shots. After packing up and heading to the nearest beach, be sure to take along a Beach Shot List.

Green Shooters create ultimate parking lot party

Go with Green Shooters for your next tailgate. Check these green shooters for the ultimate parking lot party on gameday.

Piña Colada Jello Shots

Piña Colada Jello Shots are your tickets to turn traditional tasty summer cocktails, or Gameday Cocktails, into fun shots, perfect for any beach vacation.

Bernooli pouring device may have killed the bartender

This is a really cool device that may have killed the bartender as we know 'em, but will probably create lots of copy cats when this hits the main stream. What do you think...

Bartender 101 for Gameday Cocktails at your next tailgate

New to working behind the bar? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled cheat-sheets and checklists to make your Gameday Cocktails (and you) the star behind the bar at your next tailgate.

Gameday Cocktails

Get your fix for some intoxicating Gameday Cocktails at your next tailgate. We have you covered from fruity to stout.

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Must-Try Cocktails