Smoked Oats Protein Bites will get you back to healthy eating

Mix up a batch of these tasty smoked oats bites for yourself and enjoy the always-loved flavors of peanut butter, banana, and chocolate.

Easy Wild Game Marinade will boost harvest flavor

Not many like the gamey taste of some wild meats, so this marinade is a great way to get rid of the wild flavor. Works great on venison, hog and elk.

LC’s Wing Sauce

Don't pile in calories with sugary bbq sauces, try this bright, clean tasting glaze on wings or chicken pieces.

NOLA Dirty Rice

This dirty rice recipe from New Orleans is made with chopped veggies, Cajun spices, and smoked turkey gizzard and liver, and is loaded with intense flavor! Serve this dish...

Smoked: Make your own jerky at home

Got Grill? Make your own jerky at home and save some moolah!

Grillax Academy offers the latest tips and tricks for those who want to elevate their grilling game from backyard burger flipper to Grillmaster. Take a look below at some of our quick courses at the Grillax Academy.

Grillax Academy

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