Texas Twinkies bring big flavor with spicy kick

Texas Twinkies start as a hollowed-out jumbo jalapeño, then stuffed with chopped brisket and cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, and glazed with barbecue sauce.

Paleo Grilled Chicken Salad changes the diet game

Our Paleo Grilled Chicken Salad will not only taste great, but get you going in the right direction for creating a healthy eating style.

Whole30 Chicken Fried Rice

Our Whole30 Chicken Fried Rice will be a perfect addition to your clean-eating regimen. Not only is it Whole30 compliant, it's so damn good!

Healthier all-purpose blend can be used on all foods

In the Grillax Test Kitchen, we have played around with spices and come up with a healthier all-purpose spice concoction ...

Grilled Cabbage makes for tasty, healthy meal

Grilled cabbage ... yeah, that's right. Now, before you click out of this page because you're totally grossed out, don't. Definitely give this one a try.

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