Keto Krazy Burger reigning as the no-carb burger champ

The ultimate burger for adding to no-carb menus has to be our Keto Krazy Burger.

Caprese Chicken is super good off the grill

When summer hits, grilling sessions are in full swing, with many outdoor chefs looking for new recipes to cook on the grill. Enter Caprese Chicken.

Caprese Chicken is kickin’ off the grill

We’re putting our own spin on Caprese Chicken, with and super sweet balsamic and honey marinade (thanks, Gold Tap Honey) and topped with mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and avocado.

BURGER MONTH: Buffalo Chicken Burger

We created the Buffalo Chicken Burger, complete with spicy jalapeño, sweet curry, creamy Havarti cheese and a tangy buffalo mayo to top it off.

Paleo Grilled Chicken Salad changes the diet game

Our Paleo Grilled Chicken Salad will not only taste great, but get you going in the right direction for creating a healthy eating style.

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Southern culinary writer Lauren Cook aims to invigorate the taste buds of grilling enthusiasts worldwide.

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