Easy Wild Game Marinade will boost harvest flavor

Not many like the gamey taste of some wild meats, so this marinade is a great way to get rid of the wild flavor. Works great on venison, hog and elk.

LC’s Wing Sauce

Don't pile in calories with sugary bbq sauces, try this bright, clean tasting glaze on wings or chicken pieces.

Java Rib Sauce will perk up your taste buds

Our Java Rib Sauce brings in the bold, rich flavor of espresso with the sweet tangy vibes from traditional barbecue sauce.

Java Ribs are bitter, sweet but not bittersweet

Our Java Ribs is the perfect unique flavoring for your next visit to Porklandia. A great combination of bitter and sweet from the rub to the sauce.

Bareback Pork Loin

Pork loin, soaked and basted with artisan marinade from Bareback Marinades, is superb off the grill.

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