Don’t mess with (our) Texas Longhorn Burger

The old saying goes, “Everything is bigger in Texas!” We can’t argue that sentiment when talking about our Texas Longhorn Burger.

A Gamer’s Favorite Burger? Super SMASH Burger

The art of creating a perfect burger doesn’t start with the ingredients. Our Super SMASH Burger starts with a hot, flat surface that is used to SMASH the beef into tasty, crispy patties.

Ultimate Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie a boozy delight

With any pecan pie, you want that sweet and salty bite, along with the unique flavor of pecan, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. Throw in some bourbon and dark cacao, and you will become and instant kitchen genius.

7 Best Gifts for Grillmasters in 2023

Another holiday season is officially here and the Grillax chefs have again put together a 7 Best Gifts for Grillmasters in 2023 gift guide for your Grillmaster. Enjoy your time with family and friends with great food off the grill, and give the...

Caprese Chicken is super good off the grill

When summer hits, grilling sessions are in full swing, with many outdoor chefs looking for new recipes to cook on the grill. Enter Caprese Chicken.

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