Super Bowl Grill: Skinny on chicken fingers

Chicken fingers — They’re a classic. Kids love ‘em. They’re easy and fun to dip.

Chicken fingers are a classic choice for Super Bowl and football parties. Here’s a way to keep the tradition alive without going overboard on the fat and carbs.

(Plus, who likes getting all that frying oil all over the stove top and counters? This will save you some clean up and offer your guests a healthier snack option.)

Cumin/Citrus Chicken Fingers
Cumin/Citrus Chicken Fingers

Here’s the skinny: By grilling your tenders, you’re ditching breading and oil. This eliminates almost all carbs and significantly reduces fat content.

If you need something simple for the kids, start out by washing, drying and trimming your tenders. Add your favorite seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic powder, etc.) Slap ‘em on the grill over medium heat, flipping often, for 8-10 minutes, or until an internal temperature of 165 degrees. Serve with ketchup, barbecue sauce or ranch for dippers.

Kick it up

For the grownups, try something a little more flavorful by using a marinade. Citrus works well. Combine one part orange juice and one part olive oil (1:1 ration here, people) with a splash of lime, some minced garlic, cumin, salt, pepper and fresh chopped cilantro.


Add your tenders to the marinade and let sit for an hour. Thread your tenders onto skewers and place over medium heat, turning often, for 8-10 minutes. Check the internal temperature of your chicken before removing from grill, making sure it’s at least 165 degrees. We like the Thermoworks ThermoPop, which gives quick and easy readings for your chicken fingers. Or, go with the industry standard Thermoworks MK4 Thermapen — super easy to use.

Voila! You’ve got a tasty, healthy addition to your Super Bowl snack lineup.

Happy grilling!

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