Bernooli killed the bartender
Bernooli killed the bartender

Bernooli pouring device may have killed the bartender

This is a really cool device that may have killed the bartender as we know ’em, but will probably create lots of copy cats when this hits the main stream. What do you think about the Bernooli device?

We are confident we will see these Bernooli pourers at tailgates around the world, perfect for Gameday Cocktails.

How Bernooli Killed the Bartender

  • Attach Bernooli Smart Spouts to bottles and pair them in the app’s “digital bar”
  • Select a desired cocktail from the app’s extensive recipe library
  • Tap “Mix” on your phone or tablet, and the necessary spouted bottles light up!
  • Without concern to “how much,” grab each bottle and pour. The Smart Spouts dispense accurate proportions called for in the recipe
  • Shake, stir and serve the perfect cocktail… every time!


The Bernooli Smart Craft Cocktail System is available for order now at

“Spirits are a $70 billion industry and account for over 50 percent of commercial alcohol consumption. But in the home, spirits make up less than 20 percent,” said Colin Matthews, founder and CEO of Bernooli. “Why is that? For most of us, making cocktails is daunting. We would love to serve a delicious cocktail but don’t know what to make, how to make it or what ingredients we need. Bernooli makes creating exceptional cocktails accessible, easy and fun.”

The Bernooli Home Craft Cocktail System includes:

Bernooli Smart Spouts – Electromechanical devices that dispense accurate portions of each cocktail ingredient, based on instructions from the app. Bernooli’s Hardware Bundles also include traditional barware accessories to completely outfit your home bar.

Bernooli Cocktail Discovery App – Curated recipes, from classic to re-imagined, by mixologists around the world. Refreshing, aromatic or adventurous? Search or browse by taste, style, season or theme. Find cocktails based on your favorites or filter based on preferences and bar stock on hand. Share, rate, recommend and explore new cocktails with the Bernooli global community.

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