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Double Bourbon, Espresso Maple Bacon Burger

Double Bourbon, Espresso Maple Bacon Burger

During this quarantine I have purchased a ridiculous amount of coffee. I thought it would be fun to use some of what I had to make the most ridiculously caffeinated burger...ever.

Beef up the flavor! Brine, Inject, Soak!

The perfect steak starts with you.

Marinate beef: Study shows cancer prevention

The summer grilling season is still months away; however, it is not too early to look at new grilling methods, like to marinate beef, that help provide some protection against cancer compounds formed during grilling. J...

Havarti Burger with port-reduction mayo

One of our favorite gourmet burgers, a Havarti Burger, boasts a simple, yet elegant flavor, with creamy cheese, grilled red onions and a sweet, port-reduction mayonnaise.

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