Korean Beef Skewers
Korean Beef Skewers

Gameday: How to make Korean Beef Skewers

As the tailgating season starts to crank up, some grill masters find themselves scratching their heads for something unique and tasty to add to their Gameday spreads.

We would like to show you how to make Korean Beef Skewers … which we think will be a fan favorite. (And it’s so easy, too!)

History of Korean BBQ


Known as bulgogi, Korean BBQ started as a dish served during the Koguryo Kingdom sometime around 37 BC to 668 AD. At that time, it was called by the natives as “maekjeok.” It is basically consisted of beef, garlic and chives topped with a generous amount of soy sauce. Its popularity did not last long as vegetarian Buddhists took over the country. At that time, people witnessed the death of a carnivorous diet.

Korean BBQ Sauce
Korean BBQ Sauce

Soon after, Mongols invaded the peninsula that prompted the Buddhists to leave. The Chosun Dynasty was established and people saw the return of meat in their dining tables. A new version of the famous dish was introduced wherein the traditional cuisine involved a meat that had been thinly spread and heavily seasoned with more soy sauce because sugar was very costly. It came to be known as “neobiani.”

Happy Grilling!

Gameday Korean Beef Skewers


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