Versatile all-purpose blend can be used on all foods

There is an all-purpose blend for everyone. That’s right, and it’s likely right under your nose in your pantry with ingredients you use everyday. In the Grillax Test Kitchen, we have played around with spices and come up with a healthier all-purpose spice concoction that may be exactly what you need for your next grill session. Give this one a try on all meats and vegetables you throw...

Girl Carnivore Chops bring bold, spicy flavor off grill

So Kita Roberts, aka Girl Carnivore, came into town this week for an event to demonstrate her culinary skills to a hungry crowd of foodies.

Coffee Rub for grilling will increase your popularity

This bold, tasty coffee rub will enhance the grilled flavor of beef and pork.

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Grilling recipes for flavorful rubs for any type of meat or vegetable.

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