Spices, via Zeffert and Gold

Versatile all-purpose blend can be used on all foods

There is an all-purpose blend for everyone. That’s right, and it’s likely right under your nose in your pantry with ingredients you use everyday. In the Grillax Test Kitchen, we have played around with spices and come up with a healthier all-purpose spice concoction that may be exactly what you need for your next grill[…]

Kansas City Ribs

How to grill Kansas City ribs

Chef David Payne of Denver’s Jelly demonstrates for GrillaxNation how to create and smoke GameDay Kansas City Ribs, a style of baby back ribs using Char-Broil brand brines, marinades, rubs and sauces. Traditionally, KC ribs start with spicy rub, but are finished with a complex, 15-ingredient barbecue sauce. Are you game? Kansas City Ribs Tips[…]

BBQ Profile: Sean Bardwell — SBQue OG Rub bold, flavorful

Sean Bardwell of SBQue could be the Willy Wonka of barbecue spice. After tasting his OG Rub on pork, and viewing his creations on his web site, this guy is an outside-the-box barbecue connoisseur. The United States Postal Service dropped off a small package of goodness last week, and after getting a whiff of the[…]