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Z Grills
Beef up the flavor! Brine, Inject, Soak!

Z Grills
Beef up the flavor! Brine, Inject, Soak!

Grilled Green Onion and Peppers (

Grilled Green Onions: More than an appetizer

Quick poll: What’s the best style of appetizer at any gathering? American? French? Caribbean? Mexican? When it comes to the grill, it’s hard to top anything prepared with a Mexican influence. Green Onions...

Grilled Onion

Grilled onion: No crying allowed, y’all

For some food lovers, the smell of a grilled onion can send their senses into a frenzy. The mouth begins to water. The feet start to move the body to the source of the aroma that has sent a serious ping to the olfactory...

Pepper Crusted T-bone Steak

Chef Ingrid Beer prepares Pepper-Crusted t-bone Steak with Caramelized Sweet Onions and Garlic-Herb Oven Fries. Are you kidding us? Wow!
Vimeo: thecozyapron

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