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Backyard crawfish feast in a Louisiana bayou

CRAWFISH! Look at what we found! One of the many reasons to cook and eat outdoors in the Deep South, y’all! Deep in the Bayou near Grosse Tete, Louisiana-native Jody Meche has been fishing up crawfish for years...

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Comeback Sauce: Mississippi Made

Comeback sauce: Mississippi made

With Comeback sauce, described by chef, restaurateur Robert St. John of Hattiesburg, Mississippi as the “offspring of the incestuous marriage between thousand island dressing and remoulade sauce,” there is no slow...

Mississippi’s The Shed wins World Championship

In 2014, two teams vied for the coveted Grand Champion at The Memphis in May World Championships … The Shed BBQ and Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q. This year, it came down to those two, again. The Shed BBQ from Ocean...

SlugBurger, y'all!

The Infamous Slugburger

There is a little town in Northeast Mississippi called Corinth, and it's claim to fame is the Slugburger — a burger patty mixed with flour and soy meal and then deep fried until well done.

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