Half bike, half grill equals Summer fun

 About a year ago, the creatives at Real Art produced a mini-doc on a very cool grilling tool … The Mobile Grilling Unit, a Sears grilling bike.

The unique outdoor cooking vehicle is half bike, half grill, and all summertime fun. Real Art created the mashup as part of a Grilling is Happiness campaign for the Sears company, which can be viewed via the web at

Sears grilling bike network

The site is a community of grilling experts and grilling fans alike, better known as Grillax Nation, enjoying not just the flavor, but the entire grilling experience.

And building the Mobile Grilling Unit was Real Art’s way of bringing the “Grilling is Happiness” experience into the world. It made its debut recently at Ribfest 2012 near Chicago, where it sparked some vivid conversations. The unit rode around the festival, spreading the word about TY Pennington, the Sears spokesperson, and the celebrity chefs doing demos at the Sears “Grilling is Happiness” booth.

Bravo, Real Art! Bravo!

Grilling Sears


Fire. Food. Fun ... Get the world grillin' and chillin'. Grillax, y'all!

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