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Porterhouse Beef Cuts

The Porterhouse: Love your meat

The crew at TouchFood live by a simple code: Search for deliciousness and share their passion for food through a lens. We at Grillax agree wholeheartedly with this ... and the Porterhouse is not camera shy.

The perfect steak starts with you.

Cinnamon Marinade on steaks for extra kick

There are many members of Grillax Nation that are set in the way they prepare a steak before it hits the grill. Some only use a dry rub, while others liquid marinate the Dickens out of it! We have a solution … Spicy Cinnamon Marinade. Here is...

Jerk Marinade

Jerk Marinade can launch your next steak

For the members of Grillax Nation who like to throw a spicy curve ball to masses, it’s hard to deny the sweet heat of a Caribbean jerk marinade. No matter what is being grilled — chicken, beef, pork, seafood — this tropical marinade is a...

The perfect steak starts with you.

Marinate beef: Study shows cancer prevention

The summer grilling season is still months away; however, it is not too early to look at new grilling methods, like to marinate beef, that help provide some protection against cancer compounds formed during grilling. J. Scott Smith, Kansas State...

Steak Wraps

Valentines Grill: Steak Wraps for a Lover’s Menu

They say the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach. Here at Grillax, we consider that a hard fact, and our Steak Wraps are just the ticket. There’s no better way to win over your Valentine than with a thoughtful, home-grilled...

Teriyaki Shark Steaks

Teriyaki Shark Steaks

It’s Shark Week, and although the king of the oceans is taking center stage as a predator, we are going to show you a nice way to devour the king … on the grill … Teriyaki Shark Steaks. You can grill thick shark steaks just as you...

Smoked Pork Steaks,

How to grill Smoked Pork Steak

Malcom Reed is back with a tutorial on How to grill Smoked Pork Steak. Malcom puts together an apple-brined pork steak that is smoked on a grill or smoker. It is a simple recipe that makes a delicious and juicy pork steak. Killer Hogs For over a...