Purple Rain will make your rock

The purple rain cocktail is like a vodka lemonade, but with a mix of blue curacao and grenadine for that poppin' purple color.

Bourbon Old Fashioned for the win

The traditional whiskey or bourbon drink — Old Fashioned — which by some accounts is 200 years old, is simply timeless in both its name and its build.

Get to know vermouth for light, fresh cocktails

Vermouth is often thought of as something to mix into drinks. But in many places the fortified wine is sipped on its own.

Rainbow Shots will wow your friends with so many colors

Here are the legendary Rainbow Shots as created by our friends at Tipsy Bartender that all y’all will want to make at home.

Sidecar Shooter is for Cognac lovers (bourbon, too)

The Sidecar Shooter was originally created in Paris during World War I and was generally made with Cognac. In modern times, it is mainly made with bourbon as opposed to brandy. Don't be afraid to use either and decide on your own.

Category - Gameday Cocktails

Get your fix for some intoxicating Gameday Cocktails at your next tailgate. We have you covered from fruity to stout.

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