Elevate your grill: Fried Ribs will make you slap someone

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Many moons ago, we were invited to a restaurant in Starkville, Mississippi to try out new menu items that were created for college students. Items like, Barbecue Sundae, Pulled-pork Nachos, Brisket Salad and Fried Ribs. Yes, Fried Ribs.

At first, we were checking the proximity of the closest emergency room in case a heart attack set in soon after eating these ribs. After tasting the lightly-coated fried ribs, we were hooked. Great smoky flavor, with that addictive fried, salty crust that makes the South … well, the South.

Our friends at Ubon’s BBQ of Yazoo City, Mississippi have recreated these ribs for their restaurant and for their competition events, feeding their team of BBQ gurus. The above photo is a plate Ubon’s fried ribs, and it looks phenomenal!

Give fried ribs a try at your next gathering and see how your friends react.

Just don’t get slapped!

Happy Grilling.

Fried Ribs

  1. Set smoker at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Clean, dry the ribs and remove silver skin from back side of each rack. Add generous amount of rub on both sides. Smoke ribs with pecan or hickory wood for 2 hours. DO NOT WRAP IN FOIL.
  3. Allow racks to cool, then cut ribs into singles. Double dip each rib into egg/milk/beer wash, then the fry mix (dry ingredients), lightly dredging.
  4. Place ribs into a 350-degree Fahrenheit deep fryer of peanut oil and fry for about two minutes or until light golden brown.You don’t want a burnt crust.
  5. Slather with Ubon’s barbecue sauce, and set some aside for dipping.

Photo courtesy Ubon’s Barbeque of Yazoo

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