Gameday Flavor: North Carolina Barbecue

| Joe Schueller, SBNation | As a kid growing up in Wisconsin, like most midwesterners, I was raised to think the pinnacle of pork cooked outside over open flames looked something like this: A few years back, I uprooted Mrs. Schu and the kids, and we took up residence in the Old North State. As the one Read more about Gameday Flavor: North Carolina Barbecue[…]

SEC Tailgate: Saturdays in Tiger Country

Saturdays in Tiger Country in the fall, tens of thousands descend upon the Bayou to cheer on their Louisiana State University Tigers. LSU fans are known for being hostile to opposing teams … but as Saturday Down South discovered, it’s quite the opposite when you’re a part of the Tiger family, especially during the tailgate. Read more about SEC Tailgate: Saturdays in Tiger Country[…]

Perfect Bite Chicken Rub

Product Review: Perfect Bite Chicken Rub

Here at Grillax, we like to think outside the box. So when we received Perfect Bite BBQ’s Perfect Bite Chicken Rub, and tested it on its intended ingredient, our first instinct was to ask: “But is it good on other meat?” The first thing we noticed about Perfect Bite is its clean and bright citrus Read more about Product Review: Perfect Bite Chicken Rub[…]

ThermoWorks Thermapen: Be food safety savvy

The newest item in the Grillax Test Kitchen is…drumroll please… the ThermoWorks Thermapen. The Thermapen has been designed to give super-fast temperature readings, so we were eager to test it out. At Grillax, one of our tried and true recipes is smoked whole chicken. We love to give it a quick sear on both sides, Read more about ThermoWorks Thermapen: Be food safety savvy[…]

‘Dads That Cook,’ and Grillax, too!

Dads these days don’t just bring home the bacon; they cook it for breakfast. The new show, Dads That Cook, which debuts on PBS on Father’s Day (June 15, 2014), will be blasting this and other stereotypes about dads out of the water as they showcase 13 dads and their families’ real life struggles, stories Read more about ‘Dads That Cook,’ and Grillax, too![…]

Grillax Nation

About Grillax Nation

Grillax Nation: You come home after a long day. The boss was crazy. The kids were crazier. It’s time to unwind, chill and relax. What’s that one thing that puts you at ease? For us, it’s as simple as lighting up the grill. Something about gathering together, whether it’s with friends, family, or neighbors, and Read more about About Grillax Nation[…]

Grillax Gameday

The Grove tops Tailgating Venues for 2015

Ole Miss might not have a big-time championship tradition, but Rebels football is synonymous with tailgating thanks to The Grove. This 10-acre, tree-covered area is home to the fanciest tailgating you will ever find, even in an area of the country where fans have been known to dress up for football games. It’s a kind Read more about The Grove tops Tailgating Venues for 2015[…]