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Perfect Shark Marinade

After the catch: Perfect Shark Marinade for the grill

Creating the perfect shark dish can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be, and the key could be a perfect shark marinade. If one can combine the flavors that accentuate the finicky-flavored shark meat, grilled...

Stuffed Peppers

Chef Ingrid Beer prepares peppers, stuffed sweet, red bells with quinoa and chorizo, topped with Pepper Jack cheese and fire-roasted tomato sauce. This is one recipe that you should add to your arsenal...

Z Grills
Beef up the flavor! Brine, Inject, Soak!

Beef up the flavor! Brine, Inject, Soak!
Z Grills

Stuffed Jalapeño with Chorizo

Own The Tailgate: Stuffed Jalapeño with Chorizo

If you like your tailgate food or appetizer spicy, look to our Stuffed Jalapeño with Chorizo and Jarlsberg cheese. This is a super-easy dish to prepare that will impress your guests and catapult you to tailgating legend...

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