Girl Carnivore Chops
Girl Carnivore Chops

Girl Carnivore Chops bring bold, spicy flavor off grill

So Kita Roberts, aka Girl Carnivore, came into town this week for an event to demonstrate her culinary skills to a hungry crowd of foodies.

Girl Carnivore Kita Roberts is known to grill a bit of meat on occasion.
Girl Carnivore Kita Roberts is known to grill a bit of meat on occasion. (Photos of Kita Roberts courtesy Kita Roberts)

Our Girl Carnivore Chops are inspired by Robert’s feisty, flavorful approach to grilling and culinary arts.

During the month of September, the folks at Eat Y’all put on a sweet event showcasing the confectionery and sugary talents of chefs around the Deep South. Sweetest Chefs of the South showcases the top culinary talent from Texas to Georgia and all points in between, with emphasis on the pastry.

So as the masses were enjoying their pastries and sweet cocktails, we were busy in the Grillax Test Kitchen creating what will always be known as Girl Carnivore Chops. We think foodies worldwide will love this treatment of thick-cut pork.

It’s so easy, it should be a crime to create something this good with very little effort.

Girl Carnivore Chops Rub


Chops step-by-step

Check out this gallery for an easy guide to Girl Carnivore Chops.

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