Thermapen Mk4 jumps release date, wows Grillmasters

The much-anitcipated release of the Thermapen Mk4 came one day early as the company decided to push up the launch date. Professional chefs and backyard grillers will be eager to grab the latest Thermapen as it boasts lots of new features and combines some functions of other popular models. We love the universal rotation display, no matter how you test, it’s always readable. We also love the addition of the backlight for even better readability in high or low-light situations.

New technology

Here are some of the advancements in the new gadget:

  • Patented auto-rotating display. Hold the Thermapen Mk4 in either hand or any angle and the display intuitively flips right-side up. Switch hands while cooking and read the Mk4 without cocking your head.
  • Intelligent­ backlight. The Mk4 knows when it’s dark and runs on the backlight for you, making it easy to read at dusk or complete darkness while preserving battery life. Touch the light sensor window anytime with your finger and the display lights up to improve visibility at the back of the stove or when reaching into an oven.
  • Motion-sensing sleep mode. Set your Thermapen Mk4 down during use, it shuts off and sleep mode saves battery life. Pick the Mk4 up, it comes on instantly and stays on while in your hand.
  • Now Waterproof. Now waterproof to IP67.
  • Battery life extended up to 3,000 hours. Depending on backlight usage, battery life has gone from 1,500 to 3,000 hours. The motion-sensing sleep mode and light-sensing backlight mean fewer battery changes. When you do change the battery, use a common AAA battery.

This model is available now, and can be purchased via this link —> BUY a Mk4 Thermapen!

Happy Grilling!

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