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Is your food expired? Probably not.

Have you ever reached for a jar of barbecue sauce in the pantry and realize it’s past the date printed on the package? Those dates on food packaging isn't about expiration, but quality.

2024 Outlook: Meat, glorious meat

Consumers are adjusting their meat purchases to ease pressures from inflation and supply chain disruptions, but meat is definitely on the menu.

Why Dave Grohl loves Barbecue

We caught up with pitmaster Grohl backstage as he was elbow deep in mixing seasoning for pork ribs in a bucket to talk about his BackBeat BBQ.

Study: Grilled proteins tied to HBP risks

Eating grilled or well-done beef, chicken or fish is now associated with an elevated risk of high blood pressure risks, new studies show.

Should you avoid MSG? Verdict is still out

Ever wondered why MSG is getting such a bad rap?

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