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Consumer Proteins: U.S. markets could see better prices for beef, pork in 2017

KANSAS CITY — The U.S. meat and poultry industry faces a blockbuster protein year, which means that consumer demand at home and abroad will be more important than ever. The industry hopes carnivores step up to the plate and devour the two most expensive consumer proteins – beef and pork. The first two months of the[…]

Venison roast healthy, tasty fare off the grill

Enjoying the spoils of #Field2Grill isn’t just during the deer hunting season. Breaking out a venison roast for a Summer dinner party is one way to highly impress your guests and their taste buds. The key to great-tasting wild game in the Summer is taking care of it before it hits the freezer. One of[…]

Grilled: Original Buffalo Wings

Nowadays, chicken wings come in a multitude of flavors … almost too many to count. Wings off the grill are excellent “nekkid” without any sauces, however, if one feels compelled to go old school with these tasty yardbird parts, go with the original. Adapted from Jesse Yancy’s blog,, this recipe is as close to the[…]

Depression-era Cue sauce

  While perusing the pages of, we found an intriguing, flavorful recipe (We also love that it’s made in Mississippi). Let’s see how Grillax Nation takes to this one. Mix the ingredients, cook for 30 minutes, then mop with the sauce and turn the meat frequently. 3 lemons, sliced 1 pint vinegar 3 heaping[…]

Ultimate Thai Chicken

  Fresh ingredients make all the difference in this sweet, spicy and tangy Thai chicken recipe. Don’t skimp here – make sure you have fresh cilantro, lemon grass and limes to get the zing nature intended. We love how these flavors meld together, accentuated by the heat and smoke from the grill. Chicken legs/thighs Fresh cilantro[…]

Ultimate Ribs

Pork ribs, arguably, are the most popular meats cooked on the grill. Ribs are easy to prepare. Ribs don’t take as long to cook as larger cuts of meat. And the taste — Whoa, Nellie! Here is a quick guide to the Ultimate Ribs, Grillax style. In just five steps, you will be the Rib Ruler of[…]

Spices, via Zeffert and Gold

Versatile all-purpose blend can be used on all foods

There is an all-purpose blend for everyone. That’s right, and it’s likely right under your nose in your pantry with ingredients you use everyday. In the Grillax Test Kitchen, we have played around with spices and come up with a healthier all-purpose spice concoction that may be exactly what you need for your next grill[…]

Ultimate Prime Rib: Be prepared to weep

“But I am a great eater of beef, and I believe that does harm to my wit.” — William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night If there ever was a perfect cut of beef to put on your grill, it would arguably be the prime rib roast. The succulent, intense flavor combined with a tender texture make it hard to[…]

The homemade charcoal halo can create singe-free zones in any circular grill or smoker. It's great for grilling corn or other veggies.

Charcoal Halo made with dog bowl will change how you grill

Indirect grilling on kettle grills can be especially effective when using a homemade charcoal halo. All you need is a $5 dog bowl from the pet store and you’re in business. One of the benefits of indirect grilling is a slower and more gentle cooking method, enabling one to cook large, thick cuts of meat without any[…]

Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos on the FireDisc

We have another product review recipe while using a FireDisc Grill. We’ll show you how to prepare tasty fish tacos at home or at an event. It’s easier than you think, and will be a great addition to your tailgating recipe arsenal. FD Fish Tacos 8 fresh fish filets Seasoned corn meal (see below) Soft flour tortillas[…]