2017 NBBQA Annual Conference & Exhibition

In barbecue, our connections and our relationships teach us, they support us, they help us solve problems, they provide answers to our struggles, they offer solutions, they create memories, they give us confidence, they care about us, they laugh with us, they cry with us, they laugh with us until we cry, they give us[…]

STL Steaks: Pork Pride is the taste of Missouri

STL Steaks — If any of you have ventured into a convenience store that offers pit barbecue, or even side-of-the-road establishments, you’ve more than likely seen pork steaks listed on the menu. It’s one of our favorites, and it hard to beat when it comes to pure barbecue flavor. STL Steaks are cut from the pork[…]

SEC Tailgate: Tigers and Gamecocks

Take a look back to 2012, as The Ultimate Tailgate Search on WACH (Fox) led Tyler Ryan and Henry Rothenberg to the farmers market, fairgrounds, and several places in between around Columbia, South Carolina searching for the best of the best before the big game. WACH Fox is the FOX affiliate serving Columbia, SC. Originally posted[…]

SEC Tailgate: Saturday gatherings in Tuscaloosa

Follow Nick Stevens as he travels to an SEC Tailgate in Tuscaloosa and learns the true meaning of “Roll Tide” and discovers the Houndstooth fashion trend. This should be enough to make you add T-Town to your bucket list of universities to visit on Gameday. CBS Local gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at sports through exclusive[…]

Gameday Flavor: North Carolina Barbecue

| Joe Schueller, SBNation | As a kid growing up in Wisconsin, like most midwesterners, I was raised to think the pinnacle of pork cooked outside over open flames looked something like this: A few years back, I uprooted Mrs. Schu and the kids, and we took up residence in the Old North State. As the one[…]

Grilled Calamari

Got Bait? Grilled squid, y’all

For seafood fanatics, the bounty of the sea is like heaven for the taste buds. The bounty includes the chewy favorite of Italian restaurants around the U.S. — Calamari, or grilled squid. Plain, uncooked calamari is exceptionally low in calories and fat. Sushi squid, without any additives, has a mere 26 calories per ounce, and[…]

Brisket via Charbroil

How to trim beef brisket for your next grill session

Chef David Payne of Denver’s Jelly demonstrates for Grillax Nation how to trim beef brisket in preparation of the next Game Day feast. If you didn’t know, the brisket is a cut of beef from the breast or lower chest of a cow. The beef brisket is one of the nine beef primal cuts worldwide, and very popular[…]

Kansas City Ribs

How to grill Kansas City ribs

Chef David Payne of Denver’s Jelly demonstrates for GrillaxNation how to create and smoke GameDay Kansas City Ribs, a style of baby back ribs using Char-Broil brand brines, marinades, rubs and sauces. Traditionally, KC ribs start with spicy rub, but are finished with a complex, 15-ingredient barbecue sauce. Are you game? Kansas City Ribs Tips[…]

Wood Smoke

Wood Smoke 101: Grilling better with wealth of options

It’s easy to throw any old chunks of wood on a fire to create flavor, but is your wood smoke doing its job? Take a look at this easy checklist for different types of wood readily available for using on grills and smokers worldwide. Mild Cherry is a very mild smoking wood offering a sweet,[…]

Bananas Foster a decadent dessert that can be prepared on the grill.

Bananas Foster a decadent dessert off the grill

As a young man growing up in South Louisiana, I was introduced to one of the most decadent desserts ever created by human hands. It’s sweet, rich and flavorful, and is traditionally cooked on a stove top — Bananas Foster. Not today! Grillax.com is going to create Bananas Foster off the grill — a FireDisc Grill.[…]