Grillax Fried Largemouth Bass

Fried Largemouth Bass with Spicy Hushpuppies ProStaffers tested the FireDisc Cooker and the ThermoWorks Thermapen while creating their rendition of Southern Fried Largemouth Bass with Spicy Hush Puppies on location at the Armadillo Ranch in central Mississippi. Both products performed well while creating this Southern staple. The heavy-duty FireDisc boasts a 22-inch cooking disc, and stands 3-feet in height after a[…]

Blackened Steak with Peppers and Onions

Easy Blackened Steak with Peppers and Onions

When grilling on the go, whether a gameday outing or campout, it’s hard to beat the prep ease and tastiness of a blackened steak and some spicy fixings. We are sometimes asked to take a look at a product and give our honest opinions on it. The folks at FireDisc Grills asked us to take[…]

ThermoWorks Thermapen: Be food safety savvy

The newest item in the Grillax Test Kitchen is…drumroll please… the ThermoWorks Thermapen. The Thermapen has been designed to give super-fast temperature readings, so we were eager to test it out. At Grillax, one of our tried and true recipes is smoked whole chicken. We love to give it a quick sear on both sides,[…]

Kitchen Measurements

Measurements cook’s cheat sheet unveiled

Here is a great cook’s cheat sheet for Grillax Nation in the kitchen. Designed by Shannon Lattin, the Common Cook’s How-Many Guide to Kitchen Conversions is a super-helpful tool for the kitchen. It was Included in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s popular book, ‘The Best American Infographics 2013’. The cook in the kitchen can quickly lookup to the conversions[…]

BBQ Profile: Sean Bardwell — SBQue OG Rub bold, flavorful

Sean Bardwell of SBQue could be the Willy Wonka of barbecue spice. After tasting his OG Rub on pork, and viewing his creations on his web site, this guy is an outside-the-box barbecue connoisseur. The United States Postal Service dropped off a small package of goodness last week, and after getting a whiff of the[…]

Grilled Green Beans and White Asparagus

Grilled Green Beans and White Asparagus a perfect side

The tastes of spring and summer could arguably be of veggies and herbs fresh from the garden. Full of nutrient-rich goodness, fresh vegetables can be an excellent addition to any diet. Grilling them just makes them that much better. As a complimentary side to any rich meat — beef or pork — whole green beans[…]

Porterhouse Beef Cuts

The Porterhouse: Love your meat

The crew at TouchFood live by a simple code: Search for deliciousness and share their passion for food through a lens. We at Grillax agree wholeheartedly with this … and the Porterhouse is not camera shy. The Porterhouse is kind of a composite steak coming from the point where the tenderloin and top loin meet. Since[…]

‘Dads That Cook,’ and Grillax, too!

Dads these days don’t just bring home the bacon; they cook it for breakfast. The new show, Dads That Cook, which debuts on PBS on Father’s Day (June 15, 2014), will be blasting this and other stereotypes about dads out of the water as they showcase 13 dads and their families’ real life struggles, stories[…]

Marinate Beef for health

Cinnamon Marinade on steaks for extra kick

There are many members of Grillax Nation that are set in the way they prepare a steak before it hits the grill. Some only use a dry rub, while others liquid marinate the Dickens out of it! We have a solution … Spicy Cinnamon Marinade. Here is a spicy cinnamon marinade for those who can[…]

World barbecue champ Melissa Cookston is now a permanent judge on “BBQ Pitmasters" television show.

The Sipp’s Melissa Cookston a permanent fixture on ‘BBQ Pitmasters’

World barbecue champ Melissa Cookston has another job on her plate. She is the new permanent judge on “BBQ Pitmasters,” a popular series on the television channel Destination America. Cookston, who is the co-owner of Memphis BBQ Co. in Horn Lake, Mississippi, joins the show for the season four premiere June 2 at 8 p.m.[…]