9 Best Gifts for Grillmasters in 2019

2019 Grillax Gift Guide

Another holiday season is officially here and the Grillax chefs have again put together a 9 Best Gifts for Grillmasters in 2019 gift guide for your Grillmaster. Enjoy your time with family and friends with great food off the grill, and give the gifts to make your Grillmaster very happy.

2019 Grillax Gift Guide
Hestan Cue cooking system

1. Hestan Cue $599

When the Hestan creatives sent us a Cue to review, we were wondering why in the world would they want a grilling company to test out a stove-top device. It didn’t take long to figure out this unique cooking device is fun and easy and would be a hit with all who love culinary arts.

Here’s the scoop: Cue connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and communicates with embedded culinary sensors in both the pan and burner. That’s right, the pan! This device is perfect alongside your outdoor cooking source as the cooking options are endless.

One cool feature is setting up a Cue as to how you like your food prepared — whether you prefer medium-rare or well done. Cue adjusts time and temperatures for cooking and searing to achieve your preference perfectly, every time. It’s almost like you can walk away and never overcook. The induction allows for a kick-butt sear on any steak or chop!

Connect Cue with its easy-to-use cooking app to automatically adjust cooking time and set precise temperatures as you follow along with each video-guided recipe step. It’s really hard to mess up a Cue recipe. If this is under the tree for your grillmaster, we can promise they won’t be disappointed.

2019 Grillax Gift Guide
FireDisc Cookers Tailgate Bundle

2. FireDisc Cookers Tailgate Bundle $418.46

A revolutionary outdoor plow disc cooker, the FireDisc is a durable, lightweight, hassle-free propane grill that can be the highlight of your next outdoor adventure. The Tailgate Bundle is perfect for weekend trips to cheer on your team and feed the masses. This bundle includes an original deep/tall cooker, ultimate cooking weapon (spatula), cable lock and wind helmet. It will be hard to make your Grillmaster stop smiling after opening this one. Check out the FireDisc in action.

Use code GRILLAX when you checkout for a 10 percent discount on your order.

2019 Grillax Gift Guide

3. Carson Rodizio $448

The boisterous, positive attitude of Blake Carson, founder of Carson Rodizio, is addictive and evident in his creation, the Carson Rodizio Kit. The Kit is a multi-turbotisserie (his word) that converts your favorite conventional grill into an open and spinning Brazilian style steakhouse Churrascada. Now you finally can bring a Brazilian steakhouse home with you. And the expansion options are unlimited. Let the fun (and great grilling) begin!

2019 Grillax Gift Guide

4. Citrusafe Grill Cleaner $5.98

A clean grill is no joke when it comes to safely creating excellence off a grill or smoker. We found Citrusafe works very well on charred, grimy grates, as well as all other parts of a grill to keep it clean and free of that nasty stuff. Utilizing the power of citrus (d-Limonene), CitruSafe is specifically formulated to provide a simple, safe, yet powerful alternative to cleaning a BBQ grill’s cooking surfaces. It’s non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate-free.

2019 Grillax Gift Guide
Thermoworks Signals with Billows

5. Thermoworks Signals with Billows $288

The engineers at Thermoworks created the ultimate heat measuring device in 2018 with Signals. Now, with the newly released Billows device, controlling that heat has never been easier. With a Billows fan, cook perfect, succulent BBQ meats over the course of many hours without having to worry about flareups, burn-outs, vent adjustments, or tending the coals. The Signals multi-channel digital thermometer unit is amazing. Designed for competition BBQ teams, professional chefs, and those who want to cook like them, Signals with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth has four channels of continuous temperature monitoring. Signals comes with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi onboard, seamlessly switching between the two, so you get a continuous signal and real-time alerts whether you’re in a field or across town. Setup is quick and easy without ever needing to read the instruction manual. These gadgets allow one to cook more at once and worry less about the results. And that’s a cool thing.

We like ours in Orange.

2019 Grillax Gift Guide
J. Lee’s line of sauces

6. J. Lee’s Gourmet Sauces $6 and up

Here is a gift that won’t break the bank in 2019. J. Lee’s Gourmet BBQ Sauce “A Taste That All Families Love.” is gluten free, no MSG, low sodium, Kosher, no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives, 24-month shelf life and no refrigeration required after opening. These sauces are unique in flavor and will wow any crowd. The clear pepper sauce and the Sweet Heat are our favorites. Since its release, over 66,000 bottles have been sold in more than 690 stores. J. Lee’s Gourmet BBQ Sauce is ranked #1 in the world out of 269 sauces by BBQ Superstars Network.

2019 Grillax Gift Guide
PITMASTER Signature Edition – $24.99

7. GrillSafe Scraper $24.99

The 5″ wide scraping blade mates to your grill for a custom burned in fit.  The more you use it, the better it works. Features a stainless steel bottle opener to keep the party going.

Thousands of consumers have been admitted to emergency rooms because they swallowed a loose piece of metal that got dislodged from a wire bristle brush and stuck on grilled food.  They’re not only hazardous, they can scratch and damage grill surfaces, accelerating wear and rusting. Wood is the clean alternative.  It’s all-natural, leaves no debris behind, is easy to clean and maintain, and in the case of hickory hardwood, it’s extremely durable and long lasting.

2019 Grillax Gift Guide
Solidteknics 10″ US-ION Skillet

8. Solidteknics US-ION™ Seamless Wrought Iron $89

It didn’t take long after unboxing the Solidteknics 10″ iron skillet that we were instantly hooked. The comfortable, sturdy one-piece design feels good in hand. It cooks and seasons like cast iron, but because it’s made (in Chicago) from carbon steel, it’s much lighter and gives even heating. The one-piece, rivet-free design is beautiful, and will surely last long in your family as an heirloom. But, it’s tough, and can be used on grills, fire pits and induction tops. It comes ready to season in a beeswax coating. It truly will become your most-used pan in your Grillax arsenal.

2019 Grillax Gift Guide

9. Breeo Phoenix Fire Pit & Grill  $789

Our last selection in our gift guide is a fire pit from Breeo. Grilling on a Breeo Phoenix fire pit is a lot of fun. Grill — Fire Pit — Flat Top — it’s all combined in this gem of a pit. The secondary combustion system creates an even cooking surface that is significantly hotter than a normal fire. This allows you to sear steaks at 1,600+ degrees, just like the pros. The grilling feature of the Phoenix fire pit is completely adjustable and easy to use. Simply slide a post into a sleeve, slip in the pin, and voila. Your fire pit is ready to grill. Adjust the height of the grill to cook depending on the amount of heat desired. We predict your neighbors will be envious of this cool cooking device.

Grilling Stocking Stuffers

2019 Grillax Gift Guide
Gold Tap Honey Trio

Gold Tap Honey ($20)

Made in Mississippi, Gold Tap Honey is a unique, flavorful raw honey that will catapult your next grill session or gameday cocktail. Gold Tap is 100 percent traceable to the source it was harvested, and created in small batches, so it’s never mixed with other batches. But this isn’t your Grandma’s honey you used to put on your drop biscuits on Sunday … this stuff is in a class all it’s own. The vanilla-infused honey is fabulous, but the chipotle-infused honey will honestly make you slap o’l Grandma, it’s just that good. Put a little in your favorite cocktail for a new form of happiness. Use code GRILLAX when you checkout for a 10 percent discount on your order.

2019 Grillax Gift Guide, Thermoworks Thermapen MK4.
Thermapen MK4

Thermapen MK4 ($99)

An industry-leading digital thermometer, the Thermoworks Thermapen MK4 is the perfect stocking stuffer in 2018. With full readings in only 2 to 3 seconds, the Thermapen can be held in any direction and the display (backlit illumination) automatically rotates right-side-up so you can read it in any position. No Grillmaster should be without the Mark IV Thermapen.

2019 Grillax Gift Guide, Tuffy Mat
Tuffy Mat

Tuffy Mat ($34.99)

No matter where you grill, ultimately there will be some mess to clean up. Enter Tuffy Mats. The durable mats are manufactured using over 70 percent recycled rubber. They are safe to use with your upright grill-smoker-fryer-or kamado cooker whether it uses charcoal-wood pellets-gas or electricity as its heat source. Cleanup is easy because Tuffy Mats resist animal fats, fish oils, grease, sauces and marinades. With warm soap and water, one can bring the smooth rubber surface back to new. A ribbed bottom helps to prevent mold and mildew. This practical gift would be perfect for any Grillmaster.

2019 Grillax Gift Guide
Western Wood products

Western Wood ($3-$75)

The crew at Western Wood hooked us up with some review samples during Burger Month 2019 in May, and boy, did they impress. The flavor of Western Wood is clean and fresh. From chips ($) to chunks ($$) to mini logs ($$$$), there is a BBQ smoking solution to fit your next grill session. We loved the apple and cherry flavors with beef, chicken and pork, so it’s a great all-around choice when smoking meats or veggies.

2019 Grillax Gift Guide
SureGrip Knife Set

Anolon Cutlery ($69)

Rediscover the joy of the perfect cutting and slicing knife, flawlessly balanced and honed to a razor-sharp edge. Japanese steel cutting blades are stone-finished and taper ground for exceptional cutting power. Comfortable, in-control handles are bookended with full bolsters and end caps for long-lasting, on-point performance. Cutting through chicken or pork is no problem for these workhorse knives. Comfortable during prep, with easy cleaning (dishwasher safe).

2019 Grillax Gift Guide
Crowd Cow Subscription

Crowd Cow Membership ($99)

Frozen at peak freshness, Crowd Cow offers vacuum-sealed meat that is shipped in cutting-edge, biodegradable, recyclable packaging. From packing to shipping — Crowd Cow boasts a commitment to sustainability and minimizing industry waste. Backed by more than a 100 different farms, you’re able to select from the best that Crowd Cow has to offer, from high-grade American beef to A5 Japanese Wagyu beef. The quality is there and absolutely no issues with fast delivery. The Wagyu burgers are phenomenal, especially paired with artisan bacon. Wowza! GET $25 OFF your first subscription with GRILLAX.

2019 Grillax Gift Guide, Dragon Knuckle
Dragon Knuckle

Dragon Knuckle Gloves ($35)

Cooks of all kinds need heat resistant gloves, and with Dragon Knuckle, Grillmasters get superior protection compared to oven mitts. Grillmasters are the main target of the manufacturers of Dragon Knuckle, because they live the grilling lifestyle. Have you ever picked up charcoal with your hands while grilling? Moved the ignited logs around in your fire pit with only your hands? It’s possible, and fun!

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