Crab Cakes on a FireDisc Cooker

Crab Cakes simple, easy to prepare stars of events

“Crab cake: A sauteed or fried patty of crab meat. The term dates in print to 1930 in Crosby Gaige’s New York World’s Fair Cook Book, where they are called ‘Baltimore crab cakes,’ suggesting they have long been known in the South. A ‘crab burger’ is a crab cake eaten on a hamburger bun.” Encyclopedia[…]

Stuffed Jalapeños

Stuffed Jalapeños will have you scream ‘¡Ay, caramba!’

Every party has that show-stopper, give-me-that-recipe, crowd favorite food – stuffed jalapeños may intimidate some folks, but those brave enough to give them a try will find themselves struggling to stop popping these one-bite appetizers. It doesn’t get much easier when it comes to food prep, either. Slice your peppers, remove seeds (PLEASE remember to[…]

Johnsonville Bratwurst Grillax

Brats staples among tailgaters on Gameday

Bratwurst, affectionately called brats, is a German fresh sausage made by stuffing a lamb casing with spiced ground pork, beef or veal. It is a highly-spiced sausage with caraway seeds, marjoram, white pepper and allspice. Bratwurst is best grilled or smoked and then simmered in broth or beer. It’s the toast of Gameday tailgates all around the world, and is especially popular in the Midwest and Atlantic states.[…]

Moink Balls by Joshua Bousel

Smoked Moink Balls homerun on Gameday

It’s Gameday, and you are about to serve Moink balls to the crew. What are Moink balls, you ask? That’s easy: “Moo” + “Oink” 🙂 So, in this case, it’s a bacon-wrapped meatball. In this video, Steve shows you how to prep them and then slow cook them on a Weber kettle. All you have to[…]

Jerk Chicken by Malcom Reed on Grillax

GAMEDAY: Reed’s Jerk Chicken

Malcom Reed is back, and just in time for your tailgate this weekend! Here is his take on jerk chicken. Malcom marinates his chicken in a jerk chicken marinade overnight, then grills the chicken on a Weber kettle grill with dual-zone cooking for searing / slow cooking the bird. He tops is off with a glaze[…]

Gameday Short Ribs, Ballistic BBQ

Inexpensive, but tasty — Short Ribs perfect for Gameday

When thinking of short ribs, some think of the scraps from the more sought-after pieces of beef. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, especially when it comes to flavor and bragging rights at your tailgate with GrillaxNation. Short ribs are more marbled than rib-eyes, beefier than strip steaks, more flavorful than the succulent tenderloins and just[…]

Grilled Turds? Not what you think …

Ever been offered grilled turds? Steve from has created arguably the best tail-gating grilling dish that we’ve ever seen. It combines the sweet, savory, spicy and hearty ingredients that create something really good on the grill. We present to you … Atomic Buffalo Turds! These are so good, you may not take anything else[…]

Chicken Spiedie

Get to know Chicken Spiedie

Chef Frank Sauer shows GrillaxNation how to prepare a New York/GameDay staple, the Chicken Spiedie sandwich — a delicious symphony of chicken, olive oil, spices and, of course, the grill. Want some knowledge? A spiedie consists of cubes of chicken, pork, lamb, veal, venison or beef. The meat cubes are marinated overnight or longer (sometimes for as[…]

Korean Beef Skewers

Gameday Recipe: Korean Beef Skewers

As the tailgating season starts to crank up, some Grillmasters find themselves scratching their heads for something unique and tasty to add to their Gameday spreads. We would like to introduce you to Korean Beef Skewers … which we think will be a fan favorite. (And it’s so easy, too!) Print Gameday: Korean Beef Skewers[…]

The Hawt Wing

In the Deep South, it’s been a long, hot summer. So hot, it’s permanently branded in our brains to create HAWT recipes for the upcoming tailgate season. We have been all over the board with recipes for the lovers of the spice, but nothing can top the chicken wing. And if there will be a tailgate[…]

Gameday: Armadillo Eggs sure to please

There is always that ultimate tailgating recipe that brings the masses to the table on Gameday. We think we may have found one that is sure to keep your fanatics in Grillax Nation happy. Introducing Armadillo Eggs. And they. Are. Awesome! 8 ounces cream cheese (softened) 1 cup cheddar cheese 2 garlic cloves (finely diced)[…]

Tailgate Breakfast Casserole

Today we’re showing you how to prepare a beach-side breakfast casserole with the FireDisc grill. This dish is perfect for the beach, and especially nice for those early football tailgates in the fall 1 pound mild ground pork sausage 1 pound hot ground pork sausage 1 package frozen hash browns 1 onion, diced 1 red[…]

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