La Caja Asadora Roasting Box (Aluminum) 100 pound

Size: This is our most popular roasting box, it can cook up to a 100-110 pound pig (live weight)
Convenience: You have the flexibility of roasting a small or large pig, lamb or goat
Quality: Made in the USA, spare parts available
Durability: 15-18 years if properly maintained
Versatility: 16-18 whole chickens, 4-6 turkeys, 8-10 pork ribs slabs, 8-10 Boston Butts, etc.
The following items are included:
  • Large Dripping Pan
  • 2 Steel Meat Racks
  • 4 S/S Hooks
  • 1 Marinating Syringe
  • 6 S/S Metal Handles
  • 1 Charcoal Grid
  • 1 Ash Tray
  • 2 Large Box Handles
  • Assembly & Roasting Instruccions
  • 4 Aluminum Frames
  • 4 Solid Plastic Wheels
Product Price $359.95

Product Description

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This is our most popular Roasting box, it can cook up to a 100-110 pound pig (live weight).

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