Product Review: Perfect Bite Chicken Rub

Perfect Bite Chicken Rub

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Here at Grillax, we like to think outside the box. So when we received Perfect Bite BBQ’s Perfect Bite Chicken Rub, and tested it on its intended ingredient, our first instinct was to ask: “But is it good on other meat?”

Perfect Bite Chicken Rub

Perfect Bite Chicken Rub

The first thing we noticed about Perfect Bite is its clean and bright citrus flavor. Although their ingredients are top secret, we think lemongrass is amongst the main players here, which tasted great on the chicken. The citrus notes are followed by a smokiness that’s just right, and a little kick of pepper.

We would label this one smokier than spicy, and as safe to serve to all palates.

Low sodium

The second best thing about Perfect Bite is its use of spices to season instead of salt. If there’s one thing that can ruin a rub or a brine, it’s over-salting. So this rub is perfect if you want to compliment the flavor of your meat instead of overpower it.

Now, since the rub had such an interesting combination of flavors without all the salt, we thought we’d try it out on some center-cut pork chops. Turns out our instincts were right on: This rub is GREAT with pork.

So, next time you’re searching your pantry for something quick yet different, Perfect Bite Chicken Rub is your answer, even on non-chicken items.

For more info on Perfect Bite BBQ, visit their site and shop their store.

Happy grilling! 🙂

Originally posted 2014-08-11 14:47:56.