Off the Grill: FatNasty Burger

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Today we’re showing you how to prepare a flavorful hamburger that is so tasty off the grill.

Grillax FatNasty Burger

  • 5 slices thick-cut bacon
  • 3 Sweet Baby Peppers (or jalapeños), flattened
  • 6 ounces sliced portabella mushrooms
  • 3 slices of tomato
  • 4-6 red onion rings
  • Havarti cheese, sliced
  • 1 pound ground chuck
  • French fries
  • Country gravy
  • French bread

This recipe has a little prep work before it’s done, but it’s oh, so worth it. Start by frying your bacon until crispy. Set aside and keep your rendered fat in the pan. Throw in your mushrooms and cook until tender. Blister your flattened peppers in the fat, set aside.

Make two half-pound square patties with your ground chuck and add them to the grill at medium-high heat. Grill for four minutes per side for medium-well. Remove from grill and start to build your FatNasty Burger. Slice your French bread to create a top and bottom for your burger. Add your burgers.

Top with the peppers, cheese, mushroom, tomato, onion, French fries, country gravy and bacon. Press down the top of the French bread and enjoy. Optional toasting for about 40 seconds takes this burger to the next level.

Grab a napkin and Happy Grilling!

Originally posted 2015-04-07 10:51:22.

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