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Easter Feast: Caribbean Jerk Cottontail for outstanding meal

How does one make the ultimate Easter feast? Grill it. Some say it’s the chase of the dogs. Some say it’s like a game of chess. No matter how one describes the thrill of rabbit hunting, there is a unanimous consensus that these critters are tasty off the grill. The sport of rabbit hunting has been around for centuries, as man has chased the small game animals through swamps, thickets...

Got Bait? Grilled squid, y’all

For seafood fanatics, the bounty of the sea is like heaven for the taste buds. The bounty includes the chewy favorite of Italian restaurants around the U.S. — Calamari, or grilled squid. Plain, uncooked calamari is exceptionally low in calories and fat. Sushi squid, without any additives, has a mere 26 calories per ounce, and less than half a gram of fat. Grilling it is the best way to hold on to...

Quick Tip: How to clean a shark

Grilled fish is a healthy source for almost anyone who wants great taste and beneficial to their bodies. It really doesn’t matter what type of fish as most have tremendous amounts of healthy oils, vitamins and protein. This includes the shark. Yes, shark! With any shark, you want to clean the fish as quickly after catching as possible to avoid any fouling. I bet many of you didn’t...

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The term #Field2Grill means something to some folks. Stewardship in conservation and sharing the joy of grilling wild game is what we’re about.

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