The homemade charcoal halo can create singe-free zones in any circular grill or smoker. It's great for grilling corn or other veggies.

Charcoal Halo made with dog bowl will change how you grill

Indirect grilling on kettle grills can be especially effective when using a homemade charcoal halo. All you need is a $5 dog bowl from the pet store and you’re in business. One of the benefits of indirect grilling is a slower and more gentle cooking method, enabling one to cook large, thick cuts of meat without any[…]

Beer and Baby Backs

Sweet and spicy Beer-Basted Baby Backs

Want to impress everyone with a new spin on ribs at your tailgate? Chef David Payne shows GrillaxNation how to grill some sweet and spicy beer-basted baby backs using Char-Broil’s Pinch Of Sizzle brines, marinades, rubs and sauces. Beer-Basted Babybacks Ribs 2 slabs, pork baby back ribs 22-ounce beer of choice (works great with Lime flavored[…]

Wood Smoke

Wood Smoke 101: Grilling better with wealth of options

It’s easy to throw any old chunks of wood on a fire to create flavor, but is your wood smoke doing its job? Take a look at this easy checklist for different types of wood readily available for using on grills and smokers worldwide. Mild Cherry is a very mild smoking wood offering a sweet,[…]

ThermoWorks Thermapen: Be food safety savvy

The newest item in the Grillax Test Kitchen is…drumroll please… the ThermoWorks Thermapen. The Thermapen has been designed to give super-fast temperature readings, so we were eager to test it out. At Grillax, one of our tried and true recipes is smoked whole chicken. We love to give it a quick sear on both sides,[…]

Grilled Green Beans and White Asparagus

Grilled Green Beans and White Asparagus a perfect side

The tastes of spring and summer could arguably be of veggies and herbs fresh from the garden. Full of nutrient-rich goodness, fresh vegetables can be an excellent addition to any diet. Grilling them just makes them that much better. As a complimentary side to any rich meat — beef or pork — whole green beans[…]

Marinate Beef for health

Cinnamon Marinade on steaks for extra kick

There are many members of Grillax Nation that are set in the way they prepare a steak before it hits the grill. Some only use a dry rub, while others liquid marinate the Dickens out of it! We have a solution … Spicy Cinnamon Marinade. Here is a spicy cinnamon marinade for those who can[…]

Smoked Turkey

Myths and benefits: Don’t believe the turkey hype

Don’t belive the turkey hype! The holidays are here; time to loosen the belt buckle, stretch out on the couch, and nap from all the turkey you stuffed yourself with. If you’re like me, you may have heard all your life that turkey makes you so tired from all the tryptophan it contains, which is[…]

Jerk Chicken by Malcom Reed on Grillax

GAMEDAY: Reed’s Jerk Chicken

Malcom Reed is back, and just in time for your tailgate this weekend! Here is his take on jerk chicken. Malcom marinates his chicken in a jerk chicken marinade overnight, then grills the chicken on a Weber kettle grill with dual-zone cooking for searing / slow cooking the bird. He tops is off with a glaze[…]

Grilled Mahi via Grillax

Flaming Fish: Grilled Mahi

Grilled Mahi for Grillax Nation On a recent trip to the Florida Coast (Perdido area), we stumbled across an amazing fresh seafood market. It had everything you’d expect from a market housed in a bare-bones building sitting on the bay; rows of seafood selections, from more unique products like baby squid and frog legs to[…]